Предлагаем завод по производству сыра.

Предлагаем завод по производству сыра.


Cheese production line

Machines manufacturers : Schwarte / Tebel / Klokslag
Capacity : up to 60.000 kg cheese per day

Cheese format : Euroblok 30x50x10 - 15kg

Type Cheese : Gouda, Edam, Tilsitter, Rossiysky (type)
Condition of the machine :Very goodIn production till :

Week 3 - 2010

Terms of delivery : EXW
Machine List
n°- 4 Curd makers of 16.000 ltr each (Brand: Schwarte), n°- 2 Curd tanks, automatic filling unit with 5 pipes (Brand: Tebel Casomatic), n°- 4 Open tunnel Presses (Brand: Klokslag) with 320 cylinders and automatic in/out-feed, n°- 1 Mould washer with 3 sections, cover placing and lifting, mould turning, out-blow device, Conveyors for moulds and cheeses. n° - 380 Moulds micro-perforated shape (Laude) rectangular euroblock and breads. Controls: Siemens S5 and S7.

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